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Why I set up my branding agency
InnerVisions ID: a new type of branding agency

Hello! Welcome to the InnerVisions ID blog. I’m Sapna; branding consultant, designer, entrepreneur, connector, wife, mummy (and partly-tamed party girl).

These are my boys; and they are the reasons why I started this company in 2015.

Inspired by my husband’s own entrepreneurial journey (he took redundancy 3 years ago and set up his own business), I have created a career to fit around my life.

The creative and media world I inhabited for 20 years would think nothing of working late with pizzas in the office and drinks after – a lifestyle I loved at the time, but didn’t want once I had a family. Having then been severely ill and hospitalised 3 years ago, I believe long-term health and happiness are vital for any sustainable growth…and it’s something I want for my team too.

I advertised and found others who – not surprisingly – thought like me, so now the ambition is to build a ‘one-stop’ branding agency with a flexible team and flexible hours. We assemble the right people for each project and get the job done in a supportive environment that encourages the work-life balance we all need and which, I believe, inspires better, more creative work too. And then we take August off to rejuvenate and spend time with our loved ones.

We love helping nurture and grow businesses too. Like an extreme makeover, great design and branding combined with a sound business strategy has a truly transformative power. In helping a business ‘look the part’ and communicate clearly, the changes often also increase the business-owner’s confidence and consumer trust.

This blog is for your enjoyment, so I’ll happily take input on what you want to know. I’ll be writing about my life as an entrepreneur, how I juggle the work/life thing, insight into my design process, inspirations, opinions on other news and tips on branding, design, business and helpful technologies along the way.

If you’ve got a burning question you want answered – contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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