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Fit for Purpose Leadership 2 book cover
We are published! Fit for Purpose Leadership #2 Book

Like a lot of us, I’ve always dreamt that there might be a book in me one day, but for now, look! Here I am, IN a book!

I was asked to contribute a chapter for Fit For Purpose Leadership #2. The first book was an instant Amazon No.1 bestseller (so there was no pressure for ‘difficult second’ follow-up..!)

The 14 authors were all brought together by leadership coach Andrew Priestley, and I was thrilled and honoured to be amongst them.

The Kindle edition launched at 2pm 15th November 2017 and profits went to the British Red Cross. You can still buy it here.

A feelgood project all round – in trying to get it to number 1, we were raising as much as we could for charity and providing a great little book packed with some inspiring, innovative thinking (…oh, and a chapter from me :)).

My chapter’s on ‘How Branding helps you Communicate as a Leader’.

It was inspired by my lovely client Antoinette Oglethorpe (also a contributor to the first book!) when she told me what value and benefits her new branding had given her.

It made me really think about how branding helps leaders achieve their business goals. I do hope you enjoy reading it.

All the chapters are written by business leaders, experts in their fields, sharing their best thinking on what it takes to be ‘Fit for Purpose’ in business today. The subjects are as varied as the authors, with chapters on health, mindset, social and workplace relationships, meaning and purpose, best practice and emerging trends.

Getting to no1 would mean we can release the paperback edition (and I can give a signed copy to my parents!)

If you buy and enjoy the book, please leave us a lovely review and share the link with others who might like it too.

Thank you so much for your support.

Sapna Pieroux, founder of InnerVisions ID

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