“As a female business owner – with a majority-female team and client-base – I have always believed that empowering women leads to happier citizens, workers, partners and/or mothers.

I also believe, as a mum of boys and the key female role-model in their lives, that how they think about and behave towards girls and women starts at home.”

Sapna Pieroux, Founder, InnerVisions ID


If you are browsing this website (perhaps because you are interested in branding services) it’s a fair bet that you have an education, a roof over your head, life choices.

We are the lucky ones.

It was important to us as a team, that InnerVisions ID did even more than help our clients grow their businesses, so we are now partnering with CARE International.

As an InnerVisions ID client, you will now also be helping CARE fight global poverty by empowering girls and women.

As CARE say: “In the world’s poorest communities, girls and women bear the brunt of poverty. Fighting poverty in those communities requires focusing on girls and women to achieve equality.

When families struggle to grow enough food to eat, or earn enough money to send all their kids to school, it’s the girls who are often the last to eat and first to be kept home from school. In these same communities, it’s the women who are frequently denied the right to own the land they’ve farmed their entire lives. And where girls and women are denied freedom to leave their homes or walk down a street, they struggle to earn a living, attend school or even visit a doctor.

But girls and women aren’t just the faces of the poverty; they’re also the key to overcoming it. Nearly seven decades of CARE’s experience makes clear that when you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst for positive change whose success benefits everyone around her.”

We are proud and honoured to support CARE International.


Learn more about CARE’s amazing work at and their work to empower women all over the world.