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Dipsticks Research Group (DRG)

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Dipsticks Research Group is a group of seven market research companies, based in the northeast, the first of which launched 20 years ago. Though each had their own brand, an umbrella ‘group’ identity and website were needed to pull them all together and help people realise the scope and scale of the company as a whole.

The brief was that the new DRG identity had to reflect their big, global, established, corporate and serious status, but also modern, cutting-edge and ‘sexy’ with their methodologies. The logo also had to be colourful and incorporate their strapline, ‘Clarity Through Insight’.

I will go through the full process and design thinking on my blog page soon, but let’s cut to the finished logo in its variations…

The logo was inspired by Venn Diagrams and bubble charts, but also had a planetary feel (the client wanted ‘global’). The seven coloured circles represent the seven different DRG companies, in the ‘gravitational pull’ of the DRG brand.


We advised that the colours were kept ‘flat’ as these work better when scaled right down and on digital platforms, than the gradients and/or ‘3D’ shading that some of the older DRG company logos used.

Four colours were chosen as this is the same number of colours as used for some of the biggest global brands: Microsoft and Google.

The three colours for the DRG circles came from the existing DRG companies. The fourth colour, a navy blue, is a new addition to the colour palette, representing the ‘grown up’ parent company. Deep blue gives the ‘established, corporate and serious’ edge required.

A simple, yet distinctive sans-serif font (look at that ‘G’!) kept things minimalist and modern.

We developed other secondary colourways to keep the brand looking fresh and interesting…


…a style and tone to be used for photography…clean, colourful, lifestyle-driven pictures…


…as well as ideas for how the brand identity may be carried into research data…

We produced a group website

…a 26-page Style Guide book which outlined not only logo usage guidelines but also guides for use of colour, typography, imagery, language, data and illustrations. Excerpts below…

and business cards…

We also developed a corporate PowerPoint template for presentations, and then an invitation, event branding and a slideshow for a glamorous DRG launch party at SushiSamba!



“We chose InnerVisions ID as they came to us highly-recommended. From her very first meeting with the DRG founders, Sapna immediately grasped the concept of what we wanted to achieve and generated loads of fantastic ideas throughout the project. In addition, we found the whole team easy to deal with and quick to respond to queries and changes. 

We really love the finished branding and website design. The logo exactly conveys the message we wanted to put across; innovative and global. The chosen colours are striking and there is a lot of potential to take the idea further in future marketing communications. 

Would I recommend InnerVision ID’s services? Definitely, 100%!”

Matthew Sutton, Business Development Manager, DRG

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