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The SHIFT Programme is run by business coach Catherine Cuffley of Thinking Choices. Catherine coaches ambitious women in the City who wish to progress their careers.

The first task was to come up with an infographic for the programme, to be used in the literature (and for the forthcoming book). We used the existing Thinking Choices colours to maintain consistency with Catherine’s current branding. The blue and burgundy were originally chosen to signify authority but also with a strong, but feminine warmth in the burgundy.

The infographic speaks of metamorphosis with the graduated colours, going from a cool, recessive blue to a more stand-out, dynamic burgundy. The italicised ‘T‘ denotes a shift away from the rest of the pack – ‘moving forward’ and again dynamism and is carried through in all copy.


We also produced an 8-page brochure to introduce the SHIFconcept to its target audience. The brochure had to look authoritative and strong, yet approachable, warm and feminine, achieved with the balance of colours and carefully-chosen imagery.



SHIFT Programme cover



Introducing your coaches


“InnerVisions ID helped me create an infographic and an 8 page brochure and I am very pleased with both of these.

The process of working with InnerVisions ID to achieve these has also been a pleasure.

I have very much valued Sapna’s professionalism, creative ability and her willingness to both listen to my ideas and offer her guidance and direction. Her responsiveness has been fantastic and she turned my work round extremely quickly.

I am very happy to recommend her.”

Catherine Cuffley,
Thinking Choices

Brochure spreads

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