InnerVisions ID: a new type of brand consultancy

Why I set up my branding agency

Hello! Welcome to the InnerVisions ID blog. I’m Sapna; brand consultant, designer, wife, mummy (and only partly-tamed party girl).

These are my boys and they are the reasons why I started this company in 2015.

The creative and media world I worked in for 20 years would think nothing of late office nights with pizzas and drinks after – a lifestyle I loved at the time.

I did try to go back into that world, but then I got severely ill when my second boy was a baby. Inspired by my husband’s own entrepreneurial journey, I decided to create a career to fit better around my family life.

I believe long-term health and happiness are vital for any sustainable growth…and it’s something I want for my team too.

Now my ambition is to build a ‘one-stop’ brand consultancy with a flexible team and hours. We assemble the right people for each project and get the job done in a supportive environment that encourages the work-life balance we all need and which, I believe, inspires better, more creative work.

At InnerVisions ID we love helping nurture and grow businesses too. A great brand combined with a sound business strategy has truly transformative power. In helping a business ‘look the part’ and communicate clearly, the changes also increase the business-owner’s confidence and consumer trust.

This blog is for you, so I’d love to know what you want to read about. If you’ve got a burning brand question you want answered – get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.