Diary of a Rebrand: 3/4 – Transformation


The final part of our Antoinette Oglethorpe rebrand – a bit late as the website was put on hold whilst Antoinette focused on her debut book launch!

InnerVisions ID was commissioned to provide 18 illustrations and infographics for Antoinette’s LEADER System. (One shown, you’ll have to buy the book or book Antoinette to see the rest!)


With the artwork all sorted and the book sent to print we now turned our attentions to Antoinette’s website. The old one did not obviously tie in with her new look, but there was also a lot of information and it was quite hard to navigate through it all.

We went through a lengthy and thorough process of simplifying the layout, content and navigation throughout. Antoinette’s ‘jewel’ palette of colours was used throughout to segregate information (e.g. the bright green is always used where her book is mentioned).

Photography was pulled into line stylistically with bold, clear and dynamic shots of either Antoinette or of the type of people her company works with. The photography chosen was natural and realistic and ‘in-action’, i.e. not ‘posed’.

The photographs’ colours were ‘turned down’ so they would allow the bold colour scheme to shine, but this still gave them more impact than a black and white picture (colour being very important to Antoinette). The photographs were also given a ‘scrolling’ effect on the site to give them a simple but elegant sense of movement and dynamism.


Calls-to-action to download a copy of her e-book and to download a free chapter of her new book were strategically placed round the site as an important purpose of the new website was lead generation.

We also promoted the new book throughout the site, including the homepage and the blog.

Lastly, we produced an animated version of the key LEADER illustration for a further element of dynamism and to catch the eye, as this is Antoinette’s ‘hero’ programme.



(This was the ‘before’, by the way…)



The finished website is available to view here.

Antoinette was so delighted with the transformation we achieved, she told her networks about us…

We even got a ‘thank you’ in the credits of her book…!


And now, five months after we met, we are now finally starting to design that brochure she first came to us about…

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