Does your branding Spark Joy?


Remember that Marie Kondo book? The one about the ‘life-changing’ magic of tidying up? Her big message is to surround yourself with only things that ‘spark joy’.

I’ve always thought I was pretty good at decluttering, but this somewhat…eccentric*…lady takes it to the next level. (*I’m not talking to my handbag!)

It was an odd concept at first…how could mundane items such as my socks ‘spark joy’? Then I looked down, saw the old-and-thinning-but-not-yet-holey socks on my feet and I got it. I pulled them off, threw them into the ‘textiles recycling’ bag and slid on a new, fluffy pair. Joy!

Suddenly acutely aware of how much better that felt, my mindset immediately shifted: “I deserve lovely socks every day!”

Letting go of stuff that didn’t ‘spark joy’ suddenly became easy. 

It wasn’t easy to get rid of things that had cost ‘a lot’ or that I still might use. But I took a big breath and finally also got rid of a Missoni scarf I paid a fortune for and never wore…an ALLSAINTS belt I again splurged on but will never wear again…and some gorgeous but too-high shoes that I’ve simply not worn since having my boys. We charity-shopped six huge boxes of books, that had lain in storage for nearly a decade, waiting for the massive house with a dedicated library that we STILL haven’t bought.


I’m all Kondo’d! Jumpers on the left, tops in the middle, T-shirts on the right.

Living Kondo-style means everything’s so much more beautiful, organised and easy to find.

Tidying is so much easier, clutter is gone and everything that is useful and sparks joy has its place.

I feel lighter, and the process brought a new clarity for me and ‘headspace’ to deal with the important stuff.

It got me thinking about how my clients often feel after a rebrand.

The other day, a fellow entrepreneur posted something about buying new pants…


Like this guys’ old pants and my old socks, many business owners are holding onto a brand that no longer sparks joy – perhaps out of that poverty mindset, or because they feel they shouldn’t be ‘splurging’ on something as seemingly ‘trivial’ as ‘appearances’.

If you are thinking like this, you may be missing out on deals or at least not attracting the right ones…I know clients have reported winning new business, they’ve felt as a direct result of their rebrand.

One of my UK clients told me a story about her chic, Italian client saying that she had chosen her against the biggest rival in her country because her presentation and branding looked professional, modern and smart, whilst her rival had materials that looked so out of date and lack-lustre, she inferred their training methods would be the same. This is exactly what my #DoSaySee model is about – that vital first impression affects what people may think as a result.

Whilst your brand is the whole customer experience, and so much more than just the branding, it’s a great way to ‘frame’ your business as professional, the right choice.

But perhaps you wasted money on sub-standard branding and are ‘putting up with it’. Or you did it cheaply and it doesn’t represent the brand you want to project now. Perhaps your branding feels lack-lustre and dated.

Don’t you think you deserve better?

Your branding, like your business, is a living, breathing entity. Your needs, your clients’ needs, your business offerings and services, even your target market – may be changing all the time, and your branding needs to reflect that. It’s that vital first impression again.

Take a look (and ask your team or close clients) and ask – does your brand and branding consistently ‘spark joy’ across every platform?

Your brand represents you and your business when you are not in the room.

Is it clean, modern and stylish or do have an amateurish and dated logo, too many words and clichéd pictures? Is your company information clear, well-curated and easy to find?

Does handing over your business card or brochure fill you with a sense of pride that this is YOUR company?

Does your brand get a positive reaction from your customers, communicate clearly to the world and project the image you want?

Look at it through the eyes of your future clients. Look at other brands you admire – and then back again at your own branding.

Does your branding spark joy?

If not, you deserve better! Get in touch for a no-obligation 30-minute Brand Clarity call and discoer how small tweaks to any brand can make a huge difference.