TOYL Rebrand

TOYL (Time of Your Life) is a beauty subscription box created for women over 40.

The company had been going for two years when they came to us for a rebrand. Founder and beauty expert Karen Davis and her husband Stuart had already realised they had several problems with their current branding.

With ambitious growth plans ahead, they wanted a clear pathway for developing the brand and driving it forward.
They needed more aspirational messaging and a more sophisticated look to help them achieve this.
They booked in first for a Brand MOT where we clarified the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, and developed a strategy and roadmap for the rebrand ahead. 
The company name was staying and their photography was already stunning, but apart from that, they needed, well, a complete makeover!

TOYL Before the makeover of all makeovers

The previous TOYL logo and branding used triangles, shades of blue, neon greens and felt angular and masculine as a result. It did not feel feminine or say “beauty”. 
After the Brand MOT, their One Day Brand Accelerator was supercharged and we achieved an incredible amount in the time, including:- 
  • A new logo and social media icon – instantly making the brand softer and more feminine.
  • Sharper messaging and positioning with ‘Beauty for Life’. We got rid of the word ‘midlife’ for the feeling of ageless/timeless beauty & confidence, i.e. in Karen’s brief “to convey that we are a box for women over 40 but without saying it.”
  • More feminine, elegant typography
  • A simpler, warmer, softer colour palette. The sunshine yellow came from Karen’s book cover and a pretty pink as hero brand colour added much-needed femininity.
  • Graphic ‘make-up’ swashes in these colours added interest and texture.
  • New templates in Powerpoint and Canva for their leaflets and flyers, taking influence from women’s magazines for a more stylish look.
  • Business cards
  • A full set of brand guidelines, including brand values, personality and tone of voice.

TOYL After the makeover

Stuart said “The entire rebranding process with InnerVisions ID helped us achieve our goal of being more on brand message, more consistent and more appealing to our target audience.  Our new look, coupled with a focused social media and digital marketing strategy over the last year, has seen the TOYL brand grow from 500 to 5000 followers on Instagram just a year later – and even better, subscriptions have increased over 300%.”
An incredible success story for these business owners, the TOYL brand continues to go from strength to strength.
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Photo credits @labelsforlunch