How to evolve your brand over time

As your business evolves, your brand should too, not just to reflect where you are now but also communicate your vision for the future. We talk about a 3-5 year vision when we work with our clients. 3-5 years gives you chance to get well-established in your consumers’ eyes and benefit from the ROI.

We need consistency to build brand recognition, then ‘know like and trust’, but after that time, you might start finding that…

  • Your brand and branding starts feeling or looking a bit dated
  • It feels like you’re outgrowing it or it may be holding you back
  • It doesn’t represent you/your business are any more
  • You’re not attracting the business you really want

Consistency is key, but over time change will become necessary. If your brand needs updating but you don’t need a total rebrand, then brand evolution is the answer. We start with a Brand MOT. It identifies what is working, what needs tweaking and what needs to stop. We then roadmap the timeline and process together.

Brand evolution keeps things fresh. It doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic overhaul all at once, it can be an ongoing process.

We review our brand yearly to keep it fresh and aligned with the business. e.g. Last year we added the dot pattern (to tie in with the book launch) and this year, the logo has been tweaked for our new website.

Global brands like Coca Cola, Ford and McDonald’s take this approach too.

different version so coca cola logo over several decades

We made our social icon simpler and bolder, as the brand is growing in consumer confidence and recognition. We emphasised the ‘iD’ (for ‘identity’), rotating the letters to add an element of joy to the brand. The ‘smiley face’ says confident, happy clients. We’re fun to work with, love what we do and are friendly and approachable.

two different versions of IVID logo. One is a black circle with InnerVisions ID in it, the other is a red circle with ID

Mastercard did something similar here…


mastercard, two different logos. red and yello circles overlaping. One has mastercard written, one doesn't.


Our strapline, ‘Branding that means Business’ has also evolved to communicate better that we work on the entire brand (not just the visual) so now it’s ‘For Brands that Mean Business’.


Everything else – colours, fonts and pattern stay the same. New brand photography, also features the iconic red. The end result is still ‘us’ but fresher and bolder.

If your brand is looking tired or holding you back, why not take our Brand Healthcheck Quiz and find out if your brand is fit for business.

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