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Antoinette Oglethorpe

The fantastically-named Antoinette Oglethorpe had been in business five years, when she approached InnerVisions ID about creating a brochure for her.

Antoinette Oglethorpe logo pre rebrand

She’d created her original logo (above) at the start of the company’s journey on a modest budget. Now Antoinette had a team, a book coming out and her profile was about to rocket,

You know how they say a testimonial or case study is more powerful when it comes from your client? Well, over to Antoinette…

It soon became clear we needed more than a new brochure. We needed a completely new brand identity that could be applied consistently across everything we do. So, we teamed up with InnerVisions ID to help us get it right.  We came across InnerVisions ID through the wonderful Key Person of Influence community that we are part of and their work with other members of the community has been an inspiration.

From the very first meeting, we knew InnerVisions ID were the right choice. Their founder, Sapna Pieroux, exuded creativity and confidence.  More importantly, she “got” us and the value we provide our clients.  She carried out an invaluable assessment of our old brand that concluded that our collateral lacked consistency and strategy and needed to be more pulled together to better represent the company (and me!) – a rebrand would help communicate the new focus and ambitions for the company.

Self-reflection: Sapna led us through a thought-provoking exercise first. This discovery process provided an opportunity for self-reflection, asking questions of who we are, who we help, how we’re different and what visual imagery and colours appealed.

New colours As a company, we needed a colour palette that communicated our clients’ experience of our brand: vibrant and modern while feeling professional and trustworthy. Sapna developed a palette that fitted the bill perfectly.

The purple and blue are business, tech-industry-friendly colours and the greens relate to growth and development. The grey acts as a neutral, ‘grounding’ the other stronger shades.

(Sapna interjects: The palette was a bolder evolution of Antoinette’s old one. We lost the girlie fuschia and bright cyan blue and went for more grown-up, sophisticated ‘jewel’ shades that better represented Antoinette herself. I knew I’d got them right when she exclaimed she had dresses in some of those very shades!)

With a clear direction, Sapna developed a logo that provided an “evolution, not a revolution” for us. We agreed to keep the format of the logo the same (Sapna adds: this was so Antoinette could at least drop her new logo into her existing website and presentations, with just a change of colours as we didn’t have time for the full redesign and overhaul before her book launch). Because my name is so long although wonderfully symmetrical in length, we regularly abbreviate the company name to ‘AO’ so keeping the roundel in the middle helps with that. She also rewrote the strapline to better describe what we do for clients.

(Sapna adds: I know AO doesn’t like to see her old logo anymore but at this stage it’s worth showing, so you can see the transformation!)

BeforeAntoinette Oglethorpe logo pre rebrand



Thrilled with our new look, we wanted to start rolling it out… 

It was now time to turn our attention to our website. The old one did not tie in with the new look, but, since we had specifically designed it as a helpful resource for our clients, it contained a lot of helpful information that we didn’t want to lose. We went through a lengthy and thorough process of simplifying the layout, content and navigation throughout. Our ‘jewel’ palette of colours was used throughout to segregate information (e.g. the bright green is always used where Grow Your Geeks is mentioned). And then Sapna worked with the development team at Vercov to make it all functional. 

What you’ll see from here on is a more consistent brand experience.

AO Brochures
Read about the full rebrand process and see more of the elements in our three-part blog: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
If your brand is ready to be reborn after Easter, get in touch!

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