2020: One to remember!

Well, what a year 2020 was, eh?

This time last year I wrote about what I’d learned in business in 2019. Four years in, the business was starting to take off and we’d ended the year winning our first award. Last year’s blog is here but in summary, lessons learned were:

  • To get – and stay – out of your comfort zone
  • To give as much free knowledge and value as you can
  • That influence follows assets
  • That you can’t do it alone and
  • That you’ve gotta be in it to win it

Those were lessons we decided to build on for 2020…then 2020 happened. And…well let’s just say things didn’t *quite* go to plan for any of us. But out of that we learned new lessons too!

models in black dresses

The Future of Brand

As 2020 drew to a close, we learned that the fast-fashion and high-street behemoth, Arcadia Group, was yet another casualty of the year that no one wants to remember (but will).

Whilst I felt no pang of regret for Arcadia Group (owners of TopShop, Miss Selfridge, Burton, etc) as a whole, I’ll admit to feeling a momentary pang of sadness at the end of TopShop, in the way I feel when a pop-star passes away – another slice of my youth disappearing.

Feb 1 2021: News in that fashion giant ASOS has now bought the brands TopShop, TopMan, Miss Selfridge and HIIT brands has thrown an interesting curveball into the mix. Whilst the high-street shops will still be closing, the brands live on.

Who knows what that will mean for sustainability – I hope they will look at that as part of the takeover. But what it does attest to is the power of brand.


#BrandMatters: Quirk & Colour

Victoria McDonald is the owner and founder of Quirk & Colour, an Interior Design company based in Brighton which helps busy professionals transform their homes, reflect their personality and increase their happiness and wellbeing.

Victoria worked with us a year ago, so we thought it was about time we caught up with her to find out what impact her branding has had on her business…


Nest Concierge

Prior to starting her business, Emma Hulbert worked in the public service sector for 15 years and loved making a difference to people’s lives. Once she’d had children, life as a public servant was challenging but she wanted to continue to make a difference and have a positive impact.

Straplines from famous brands

How to Create a Stand Out Strapline

Chances are you can immediately recall big brand names above from their straplines alone. Why? Because these straplines help them stand out from their competitors.

Did you know that the average person scrolls through 96 metres of social media per day?! That’s the height of Big Ben! 

According to Google, every day…

  • 500 million tweets are posted
  • More than 350m Facebook photos are uploaded 
  • Users ‘like’ 4.2 billion posts on Instagram
  • 5 billion YouTube videos are watched

So your brand has less than six seconds to make a great first impression because if it doesn’t stand out, you’re not being seen…



This third part of the VISION Process is all about the Stand Out.

Did you know that the average person scrolls through 96 metres of social media per day?! That’s the height of Big Ben! According to Google in 2020:

  • 500 million tweets are posted daily
  • More than 350m photos are uploaded each day to Facebook
  • Users ‘like’ 4.2 billion posts per day on Instagram
  • 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day

…never mind all the other distractions, tasks and people fighting for your target customers’ attention…

This means your brand has less than six seconds to make a great first impression so if it doesn’t stand out (for the right reasons) you simply won’t be seen…


Brand Matters: Adam Houlahan, Prominence Global

You might love your shiny new brand when it’s first launched…but how does branding affect your business over time?

At InnerVisions ID we know helping you get brand clarity and standing out will supercharge your business growth, but don’t just take our word for it.

In our new blog series, #BrandMatters, we talk to business owners about the impact investing their brand has had on their business.

First up, Adam Houlahan, founder of Prominence Global…


In building your brand, the first of our six-step VISION Process is Visualise, where you start with your big brand aspirations, then the company and customer vision. The second step is what we call the ‘Inner Brand’. Your Inner Brand is the non-visual part, the heart and soul of your brand, or how you make that emotional connection.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” But what about when *nobody* is in the room? Your brand is now more important than ever. It is out there, representing you when you can’t be in front of your clients. And brand values are a core part of that.