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Happy Father’s Day 2020

On Father’s Day every year, we like to celebrate male entrepreneurs who are running successful businesses whilst being awesome dads and family guys. (This was last year’s article)

As always, it’s a bit of a longer blog than our usual ones, but once we get guys talking about their families and their businesses, it’s hard to stop them! They’ve got some great stories, from newborns in lockdown to co-parenting successfully, so let’s get on and meet them…


As an entrepreneur, you are probably lucky enough to be doing something you love! But how can you attract customers who will love your business, products or services (almost) as much as you do?

Understanding how to build your brand is vital to achieving this.

Our VISION Process (detailed in my best-selling and award-winning book, Let’s Get Visible!) helps you understand your brand and harness the power of branding to achieve your business aspirations and goals

2020: New Year Greener Resolutions

2020: Happy New Year! A new decade, a new era…the rise of Skywalker (don’t worry, no plot spoilers here)…and with Greta Thunberg’s impassioned pleas ringing in the new year, maybe it’s the one when we can all help the planet that little bit more.

Every January I share about #smallchanges we can make to live a little greener. I know that previous blogs have inspired readers to make some significant life changes so that’s reason enough for me to continue. For 2020, I’ve reprised last year’s article and added our new changes in red.

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5 things I learned in 2019 …

…for success in 2020…If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning for the new year ahead. But in our rush to move forward, we can all be a bit guilty of not stopping and reflecting on the success we’ve achieved in our business, and what we’ve learned over the last 12 months.

So before the year is out, I’m asking you to take a moment. What did you achieve this year? The highs and lows? What did you learn? Write it all down! Now share it.

The real value in what you have learned or success you have had is in paying it forward…


Just Add Colour

In 2005, in Mason County Jail, Texas, Sheriff Clint Low decreed that everything in his all-male prison should be pink – walls, bars, sheets, towels, jumpsuits and slippers.

Amazingly, aggression levels plummeted and the fighting stopped. (I guess it’s hard to act the big man when you’re dressed like a baby girl!) Inmates also felt humiliated to be seen doing community service in their town. They didn’t want to have to wear the outfits again so reoffending rates dropped by 70%.


What’s in a name? Naming your Company

Like naming a baby, naming your company needs some proper consideration. Your company name will likely exist for the duration of its lifetime (mergers, acquisitions or complete rebrands aside).

Your company name is possibly one of the most important parts of your brand communications. It’s the first way you can make an impact and it’s an easy way to stand out and be remembered.

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Choosing the right brand typefaces

Choosing typefaces for your brand is a hugely important part of what we do when we work with our clients on their branding. 

There are over 100,000 typefaces, and different typefaces will give a very different feel to your brand, so whilst we would always advise working with a professional on this, here’s a quick guide so you can start to understand the styles of typography which will best communicate your brand message.

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Personal v Company Brand

If you are in business, you need to be building both your personal and company brand. We started out focusing on creating company brands, but personal brand is a growing part of what we do.

It is important to treat your personal brand and your business brand as two separate entities, (even if your business name is the same as your own, e.g. Stella McCartney the personal brand and Stella McCartney the fashion house brand), especially if you are planning to exit. 

But they also need to support each other. Here are our top tips on building an aligned personal and company brand.