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Antoinette Oglethorpe Old website before rebrand

Diary of a Rebrand: 2/4 – Evolution

Part 1 of our true story introduced Antoinette Oglethorpe and our Brand Assessment of her collateral. Having identified the issues, part 2 is about the evolution of her branding. We started with a new logo and colour palette.

Usually, we design a logo in black and white first (to make sure it will work for one-colour print-jobs, merchandise and photocopies), then consider colour, but Antoinette had an imminent book launch so her palette was prioritised as it impacted on that.

Diary of a Rebrand: 1/4 – Before

Once upon a time I met a lovely lady at a networking event who, upon introduction, rather flatteringly said she’d seen my design work and wanted someone to be able to that for her. Her current designer wasn’t ‘getting it’ (she’d even sent them pictures from this site!). I laughed, “Why didn’t you ask me?” and gave her my card.

A month later she called. Could we meet up? Over lunch, Antoinette and I bonded over our love of the northeast (where she is based and I studied) and I found out more…

So this is Christmas 2016…and what have we done?

How is it Christmas already?! 2016 was, let’s face it, not good in terms of global news. However, it was also our first whole year of business, so that at least provided some distraction for us.

Looking back at the end of the year, InnerVisions ID has blossomed since I ‘soft-started’ it with nothing more than a laptop and a business card at the end of 2015. I had a vague idea back then of what I wanted to achieve, but no idea of how to go about it.

So in March, I started a six-month course to learn how to build and scale a business.

Here are the five key things I learnt (and did) this year…