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2021: New Year, Greener Year

Happy New Year! I’m sure we’re all hoping for an improvement in 2021, let’s just say it has a LOT to live up to! In the meantime, how about we give it a little shove in the right direction and help the planet at the same time?

Every January, I share some #smallchanges we can make to live a little greener. OK, it’s nothing to do with branding, but it’s everything to do with our brand, as one of our values is being kind – to each other, our clients, suppliers and the planet. I know that previous blogs have inspired readers to make some significant life changes, so I’ll keep updating this blog each year with my tiny steps to a greener life in the hope of inspiring new readers (and old!) with my finds.

All these tips are geared for busy people like you – easy, realistic, affordable and sustainable. Even if you just do one thing, every little helps.


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