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DRG launch party Me and John
DRG: When life and logos come full-circle

Isn’t it weird when life comes full circle? My very first boss in media, John Raglan, came to me in March this year looking for a new brand identity for his company, DRG.

23 years ago, John plucked me from post-graduate obscurity into a life of, er, employed not-quite-so-obscurity and offered me marketing role in radio. (I jumped at the opportunity, of course, because I might get to meet Robbie Williams – which I did!)

Eventually, John and I went our separate ways and he launched a market research company, Dipsticks, then six more specialist research companies. Two decades on, they now needed a group ‘umbrella’ brand to pull all the brands together.

We’d stayed in contact over the years but hadn’t worked together again for all that time. I was of course incredibly flattered that he thought of me again… and now he was about to become my client!

I’ll let you into a secret: despite all my experience and positive outcomes, despite *knowing* I’m more than good at what I do, I get a kind of stage-fright with every new client I take on. I once read that even Dame Judi Dench throws up before she goes on stage, so I guess it’s a similar kind of excitement or nervous energy at the start of a new project based around wanting to do my best, or even better work each and every single time.

Obviously, it was my ability and not just our history that won me the job but it wasn’t just John I had to delight this time; there were six other stakeholders who needed to love what I did – and it was my new company’s reputation on the line. Not much pressure then!

I’ll go through the design process in detail over future posts, but the final logo was inspired by Venn diagrams and bubble charts as well as planetary systems, with the seven coloured circles representing the seven companies, in the ‘gravitational pull’ of the DRG group brand. Luckily, they all loved the identity, branding and website we developed for them.

The new corporate ID was launched at a swanky event for clients and other guests at SushiSamba earlier this month and of course, yours truly was invited. I also brought my wonderful co-worker Alex along to celebrate with a glass of fizz.


Me and Alex at the DRG launch.

DRG’s Business Development Manager, Matthew Sutton said;

“We chose InnerVisions ID as they came to us highly recommended. From her very first meeting with the DRG founders, Sapna immediately grasped the concept of what we wanted to achieve and generated loads of fantastic ideas throughout the project. In addition, we found the whole team easy to deal with and quick to respond to queries and changes. 

We really love the finished branding and website design. The logo exactly conveys the message we wanted to put across; innovative and global. The chosen colours are striking and there is a lot of potential to take the idea further in future marketing communications. 

Would I recommend InnerVision ID’s services? Definitely, 100%!”

If you need branding services (or would like to invite us to your next party, we love a party!), do get in touch.

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