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September Featured image Back to School
September: Back to school – and branding!

September…and poof! Just like that, another school year has started…

We loved having quality time with our children during the summer, having fun, making memories. But now September is here, the air has cooled and with that shift-change, everyone’s got that ‘back to school’ vibe.

September means not just new uniforms and shiny new shoes, but new beginnings, new Autumn looks (it’s fashion’s biggest month), and business owners updating their own company’s image.

So let’s start the new school year with a ‘back to basics’ refresher: Branding 101…

What is the definition of brand and branding?

A brand is the sum of everything a company does as perceived by others.

A brand is built by customer experiences, which builds brand fans, advocates, positive reviews, loyalty, referrals – and repeat business 

Branding (or brand identity) is that ideal experience, communicated visually.

This is what makes your brand ‘real’ or tangible. A strong identity, a distinctive and recognisable brand can clearly communicate your value to the world.

A lot of entrepreneurs think that getting a logo designed means that’s their branding done – but that’s only the beginning.

You have to think about your brand name, strapline, colours, typography, imagery (photography, illustration, patterns, symbols, etc) and your brand voice (tone, language, personality).

But why is branding so important?

We are in an increasingly visual era of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

As visual creatures, we make a first impression of people within six seconds and it’s hard to change that impression once made.

Consumers are the same with brands!

Have you ever been put off dealing with a business when you see their shabby premises, a dated logo, flimsy business card, cheap-looking brochure, ugly website or scruffy salesperson?

It doesn’t fill you with confidence, does it?

Don’t underestimate your branding’s effect on you and your business.

You know that ‘making an effort’ helps in any kind of relationship.

Branding is the way your company makes that great first impression.

If your branding looks good, people are attracted to it and you have a better chance of doing business with them. Beautiful branding gives people confidence in your company.

If customers can instantly connect on an emotional or psychological level, if they can understand what makes you different and better, then their decision does not become just price-led.

As designer Raymond Loewy said,

“Between two products equal in price, function and quality the one with the most attractive exterior will win.”

September Chanel Skis

Brand over matter?

That’s how Starbucks can charge twice as much as your local café for a latte, or an iconic brand like Chanel can charge £2,500 for skis!

Like the best makeovers, great design and branding – combined with a sound business strategy – has a truly transformative and uplifting power.

When your business ‘looks the part’ your customers’ confidence and your own increases – and that’s true whether you’re a start-up or well-established.

Recently we worked with Lorna Reeves on the naming and branding of her new LGBT luxury wedding planning company…MyOhMy logo

“I was scared before to set up this business as it was an unknown,” she said. “(but) now seeing my company name and logo in its beautiful glory, I’m not scared anymore – I know in my soul that it’s not just an idea or a dream – this is going to happen!”

Even established business people like Alexander Seery and Antoinette Oglethorpe tell us they felt more confident to put themselves and their company ‘out there’ once they got their branding sorted. (Click their names to read their stories).

September Antoinette Oglethorpe logo pre rebrand


September Antoinette Oglethorpe final logo


Good branding helps you:

  • Look better than your competition
  • Be proud of your company image
  • Look successful and established
  • Cut through the noise
  • Get the right attention
  • Look professional and trustworthy
  • Charge your worth
  • Stand out and communicate your value clearly

Hands up who’d like to have all of that?!

Get in touch for a free discovery call this September and let’s help get you to the top of the class!

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