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Let’s Get Visible! Get Brand Clarity, Stand Out in your Industry and Supercharge your Business Growth

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“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” Jeff Bezos


But hey Jeff! What if no-one is in the room? Your brand has to represent your company when you can’t – even more important when we’re doing more and more business online.


We scroll through 96 metres of social media a day (the height of Big Ben!) – so you’ve got a short time to make a big impression. Lack of an attractive, coherent, stand-out brand that ‘stops the scroll’ is losing you sales.


In Let’s Get Visible! multi-award-winning brand consultant Sapna Pieroux explains how brand really works as she walks you through her proven six-step VISION Process® to develop a powerful brand that means business.

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About the Author: Sapna has, in her 25-year career, been the designer and also the client in marketing and advertising. She knows how both sides of the process work – and she’s made it better.

She founded InnerVisions ID in 2015 using her unique experience to give you a powerful framework to build your brand without wasting time, energy or money. This is The VISION Process™.

Sapna loves empowering others to understand brand: since 2016 she has been a brand mentor for a global entrepreneurship programme (Shifts to Success), is a business mentor at the University of West London and guest lecturer at Hult International Business School.

She is also a speaker on all things brand, personal brand and also tells her own stories ‘from Invisible to Visible’ and ‘My Year of ‘Yes’. Get in touch with her to find out more.

The VISION Process_TM_InnerVisions-ID-Branding-Consultancy_London
This is our award-winning simple six-steps to building a stand-out brand. A powerful blend of marketing, business and design strategy, with incredible results.  
Visualise: Identify your FABs (Five Aspirational Brands), your Business Vision and your Client Vision
Inner Brand: the non-visual ‘heart and soul’ of your brand makes the emotional connection and develops your brand values, personality and voice
Stand Out: Learn how to visually communicate your difference
Image: Develop your brand look and feel via type, colour, imagery
Output: Where we develop your brand guidelines and explore their application
Nurture: How to look after and develop your brand over time

Our #DoSaySee model shows the three core pillars of building a brand.

Do: the first focus for any business: the problem you are solving; the products or services being sold, who and how to deliver them. It’s the nuts and bolts of the business.

Say: is the written and spoken word, communicating your ‘Do’; business name, strapline, pitch, talks, copy, social media, advertising, articles and books.

See: is the first impression; logo, website, brochures, business cards, imagery, colours, typography… It’s how you present yourself and your business. ‘See’ is the first brand experience for potential clients, but often the last to be considered!

The red ‘danger’ zones are what happens when these ‘pillars’ are missing. E.g. if you have a great Do and Say but your See is lacking, you become an ‘Invisible’ brand. Your #DoSaySee elements need to align to build a strong brand.

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