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Like naming a baby, naming your company needs some proper consideration. Your company name will likely exist for the duration of its lifetime (mergers, acquisitions or complete rebrands aside).

Your company name is possibly one of the most important parts of your brand communications. It’s the first way you can make an impact and it’s an easy way to stand out and be remembered.

Picture of Sapna Pieroux as Wonder Woman

So that’s the work year wrapped up for me… AND WHAT A YEAR!


If we’ve been connected longer than five minutes you’ll probably know that my 2022 was somewhat derailed by cancer.


Miraculously, thanks to the super-powers of my medical team I was declared ‘cancer-free’ only three months later. My head’s still spinning, to be honest, and despite the relief and immense gratitude, I’m somewhat in disbelief that it all happened and was over so fast… let alone the feeling of incredible good fortune as I’ve been told I don’t need either chemo and radiotherapy.

Trick or Treat

In my time, I have come across countless design nightmares and branding disasters. I thought it might be fun to share some of them this Hallowe’en to help you avoid these seven deadly design nightmares!

You have to wonder what on earth was going through the client’s or designer’s minds when you look at these examples…

WARNING: Content is #NSFK and not for the easily-offended – or scared!

As your business evolves, your brand should too, not just to reflect where you are now but also communicate your vision for the future. We talk about a 3-5 year vision when we work with our clients. 3-5 years gives you chance to get well-established in your consumers’ eyes and benefit from the ROI. After that you need to look at brand evolution to keep things fresh and current.

models in black dresses

As 2020 drew to a close, we learned that the fast-fashion and high-street behemoth, Arcadia Group, was yet another casualty of the year that no one wants to remember (but will).

Whilst I felt no pang of regret for Arcadia Group (owners of TopShop, Miss Selfridge, Burton, etc) as a whole, I’ll admit to feeling a momentary pang of sadness at the end of TopShop, in the way I feel when a pop-star passes away – another slice of my youth disappearing.

Feb 1 2021: News in that fashion giant ASOS has now bought the brands TopShop, TopMan, Miss Selfridge and HIIT brands has thrown an interesting curveball into the mix. Whilst the high-street shops will still be closing, the brands live on.

Who knows what that will mean for sustainability – I hope they will look at that as part of the takeover. But what it does attest to is the power of brand.


Victoria McDonald is the owner and founder of Quirk & Colour, an Interior Design company based in Brighton which helps busy professionals transform their homes, reflect their personality and increase their happiness and wellbeing.

Victoria worked with us a year ago, so we thought it was about time we caught up with her to find out what impact her branding has had on her business…