Greener Living

It’s a family affair! InnerVisions ID and Walpole Partnership, a global technology consultancy led by Andy Pieroux, are delighted to announce their joint sponsorship of FootyFun4Kids, a grassroots football club spearheaded by Chris Webb.

The three-year sponsorship deal reflects a commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting the joy of football within the community.

FootyFun4Kids, founded by Chris Webb, is dedicated to providing children with a safe and enjoyable environment to learn and play football. The organisation’s values align with core values for both businesses owners, making this sponsorship a perfect match.

Sustainable living is a bit of an obsession of mine. We’re not saints – we still enjoy a takeout and a holiday abroad, for example – but we try to tread lightly on the planet.

So here’s my annual post which keeps growing(!) with (actually over) 100 tips to live a little bit greener.

Even if you change just one thing each month, that will really make a cumulative difference.

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Happy New Year! Every January, I blog about #smallchanges we can make to live a bit more greenly. Sustainable living is rather an obsession of mine. As I write, we’re awaiting delivery of our new electric car so we really are going all in this year!

Here’s the updated article for this year – there’s over 90 simple tips in this article  – I’ve put our new adds in since last year in green!

2021 might have been a strange year but we can take action to make sure 2022 is even better.

Even if you just do one thing, that’s a start!

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Happy New Year! I’m sure we’re all hoping for an improvement in 2021, let’s just say it has a LOT to live up to! In the meantime, how about we give it a little shove in the right direction and help the planet at the same time?

Every January, I share some #smallchanges we can make to live a little greener. OK, it’s nothing to do with branding, but it’s everything to do with our brand, as one of our values is being kind – to each other, our clients, suppliers and the planet. I know that previous blogs have inspired readers to make some significant life changes, so I’ll keep updating this blog each year with my tiny steps to a greener life in the hope of inspiring new readers (and old!) with my finds.

All these tips are geared for busy people like you – easy, realistic, affordable and sustainable. Even if you just do one thing, every little helps.

2020: Happy New Year! A new decade, a new era…the rise of Skywalker (don’t worry, no plot spoilers here)…and with Greta Thunberg’s impassioned pleas ringing in the new year, maybe it’s the one when we can all help the planet that little bit more.

Every January I share about #smallchanges we can make to live a little greener. I know that previous blogs have inspired readers to make some significant life changes so that’s reason enough for me to continue. For 2020, I’ve reprised last year’s article and added our new changes in red.

Last year I wrote a couple of blog posts about #smallchanges we can all make to live a little greener. They went down quite well and some people even made life changes as a result – hurray!

For 2019, I’ve combined and categorised the two posts for your convenience and added new content in bold…These tips are geared for busy people like us – but are easy, affordable and sustainable ideas which all add up.