Round Up

Well, what a year 2020 was, eh?

This time last year I wrote about what I’d learned in business in 2019. Four years in, the business was starting to take off and we’d ended the year winning our first award. Last year’s blog is here but in summary, lessons learned were:

  • To get – and stay – out of your comfort zone
  • To give as much free knowledge and value as you can
  • That influence follows assets
  • That you can’t do it alone and
  • That you’ve gotta be in it to win it

Those were lessons we decided to build on for 2020…then 2020 happened. And…well let’s just say things didn’t *quite* go to plan for any of us. But out of that we learned new lessons too!

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…for success in 2020…If you’re anything like me, you’ve been planning for the new year ahead. But in our rush to move forward, we can all be a bit guilty of not stopping and reflecting on the success we’ve achieved in our business, and what we’ve learned over the last 12 months.

So before the year is out, I’m asking you to take a moment. What did you achieve this year? The highs and lows? What did you learn? Write it all down! Now share it.

The real value in what you have learned or success you have had is in paying it forward…

Merry Christmas card image

It’s that time of year is when you start looking back to see what you have achieved, so we thought we’d take a moment to round up 2017 for InnerVisions ID…

As a team, we are growing. We now have more designers and a couple more web developers on board. Alex, our current Social Media Manager (a.k.a. Chief Whip – she loves bossing me around, and is rather good at it!) will be moving into a more client-facing business development/marketing role …so we spent half the year trying to find the right person to move into her Social Media role.

Our key learning? That attitude – i.e. a willingness to learn, take feedback, grow, muck-in, laugh, work together – outshines so-called “expertise” every time.

How is it Christmas already?! 2016 was, let’s face it, not good in terms of global news. However, it was also our first whole year of business, so that at least provided some distraction for us.

Looking back at the end of the year, InnerVisions ID has blossomed since I ‘soft-started’ it with nothing more than a laptop and a business card at the end of 2015. I had a vague idea back then of what I wanted to achieve, but no idea of how to go about it.

So in March, I started a six-month course to learn how to build and scale a business.

Here are the five key things I learnt (and did) this year…