Centenary Lounge

Centenary Lounge


Centenary Lounge, a chain of Art Deco-themed eateries was opening a new venue in Worcester. Founder Aasia Baig wanted a rebrand to mark the occasion and position the company ready for franchising.


Before: The old Centenary Lounge branding was very brown and dated. It lacked consistency and the iPhone photos made the website look amateur. The site navigation was also confusing and muddled.


Aasia wanted to keep the Centenary Lounge logo unchanged but once we showed her a tweaked version using the correct period typeface (a 1930s one, replacing the 1970s typeface – a move which ironically modernised it and increased legibility), she was amazed at the difference.


“I was too close. A fresh pair of eyes was just what was needed. Once it was ‘cleaned up’ … it looked so much better!”


Colour palette: We liaised with the interior designers, creating a brand palette of Deco-classics black, white, grey and silver with the green and cream interior colours.


We created a set of gorgeous Art Deco patterns in these colours, chose elegant period fonts and produced comprehensive brand guidelines.


Roll out: Next. the website, with simpler navigation, less copy, fewer pages and an elegant design. We commissioned a photographer to re-shoot the imagery and 1930s archive photography illustrated Centenary Lounge’s back story. The rebrand was applied to menus, gift vouchers, signage, business cards and invitations to their launch event.


Aasia was thrilled with the final result.


“Sapna really took the time to understand the business and showed real insight. I loved her energy! It also helped that she clearly had good taste and an eye for detail. Everything looks beautiful. The designs go seamlessly with the interiors, it all looks like it’s meant to be. It has more style, more finesse, and I feel really proud, like a proud mum!”


Aasia is now in a position to franchise her brand and has even created a partnership with a vintage train company to supply their catering as a result.


If you are looking to position your brand for growth or franchise…

"I loved The VISION Process™. For the first time, I had to stop and think deeply, focus on what I really wanted. It was like therapy! That process made the whole journey so much easier. We agreed on a clear brand strategy to modernise Centenary Lounge, ready for the next decade. Before, I was proud of my concept, but I didn't feel the brand was presentable. Now, I see a clean, crisp, polished, forward-looking company. Centenary Lounge looks like a 'proper' brand - it feels 'bigger'. The rebrand was key to building hype, buzz, enthusiasm and expectation around the Worcester launch...our old look would not have had the same impact. We suddenly looked high-quality, upmarket - I would overhear people talking excitedly about us before there was anything else to see - that was entirely down to the branding!"

Aasia Baig, founder, Centenary Lounge

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