Fearless Video

Fearless Video


John Peddie specialises in helping entrepreneurs get over their fear of video. His old company name ‘JProductions’ sounded way too corporate and lacked any emotional connection. He wanted to create “a fresh-looking 21st century, social media-ready brand” in Fearless Video.


John booked our Brand Accelerator Day after his business coach, Ash Taylor, had been “brimming with enthusiasm” for what we had achieved for another client of his.


John’s Five Aspirational Brands were wonderfully eclectic and included artists Taylor Swift and the Manic Street Preachers. He used to play in a punk band and his FABs indicated a wish for a brand with personality, energy and fun.


On The VISION Process: “I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not to sound vain, it was nice to just focus on me and what makes me tick. How did I want my business to be perceived? What brand personality did I want? It was a lot of fun and being a visual kinda guy, the process was right up my street. We looked for images I liked and talked about brands and bands that inspire me. The process was so easy, it felt like the sort of conversation I might enjoy down the pub with a pint!


John laughed and exclaimed “Whatever they’re paying you, it’s not enough!” to his new strapline, Show Them the Reel You’.


The Manic’s punkier imagery led us to the Sex Pistols…which led to Andy Warhol…and his quote “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” This is what John’s clients wanted – their 15 minutes of fame!


We took inspiration from Warhol and commissioned an illustrator (after the day) to create pop-art portraits of John and his clients.


We then added an element of showbiz, fun and wit to the brand by using celebrity quotes about confidence, performance and being on the camera.


In John’s words, “I loved that I was able to bring my musical influences into the mix as these were the ideas that got me most fired up. The overall results were outstanding. I really felt we achieved a brand concept that captured the business perfectly.”


For a brand that shows them the real you

My brand now gives me a huge sense of pride. It helps me stand right out from my competitions and it's got bags of personality. It helps my business look more professional and the response I've had from clients has been amazing."

John Peddie, Fearless Video

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