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Marilyn Pinto runs a financial education institution KFI Global, for teens and young people in Dubai. She’d started out as the ‘Kids’ Financial Institute’ when her own children were little. Her mission was to teach them about finance – because how different would their lives be if they learned how to save, invest and handle their money properly – and live a life without debt and other money issues?


Whilst originally set up for younger children, as her own got older, so did her clients. But now, both the name and the childlike branding and imagery were not relevant or appealing to teens and college students.


Marilyn also wanted to approach major banks in Dubai for funding to spread her message wider. But she felt too embarrassed to go to pitch to them with the brand looking as it was.


First, we needed to rename the business: ‘Kids’ Financial Institute’ became KFI Global. This immediately sounded more aspirational and credible for her clients and the banks.


The brand needed to look cool enough for young people to want to be associated with it so it couldn’t look *too* corporate.


Marilyn’s Five Aspirational Brands were an eclectic mix: Harley Davidson, Porsche, Harvard, Virgin and Patek Phillipe…


From these we gleaned story threads that included passionate fans, investment – and a rebellious streak. The Harley, Porsche and Harvard ‘badges’ are all iconic and aspirational – symbols that these tribes are proud of – marques of excellence and pride.


We created a marque with the shield denoting the protection wealth can give you, but it is also a known trope in the education sector. The colours, black and a yellow-gold stayed the same for some continuity. They were also the colours shared by Porsche!


The positioning strapline: “Generation Wealth: Smarter, Richer, Braver” tapped into the ‘tribe’ element – and the benefits of being in this movement.


When Marilyn messaged me, KFI had been placed as a finalist up against all these huge ‘behemoth’ companies for a prestigious award. Regardless of the outcome, Marilyn was just thrilled that they didn’t just look the part, but looked better than the competition!


The wonderful bit of this story? KFI Global won!


If your company has grown up and/or you want to beat the big boys and girls at their own game…

"I wanted to share something with you…today KFI GLOBAL was nominated as a finalist for the CHSA awards in the UAE.  My first thought was that our brand looked the best….never mind that all the others are industry behemoths with multi-billion dollar turnovers. And I owe it to you…winning a very, very long shot but we look good up there :)"

Marilyn Lydia Pinto, founder KFI Global

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