Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden


Mark Bowden was pivoting his hypnotherapy business to focus on performance and mindset coaching for Premier League footballers when he came to us. He’d written a book, but title suggestions from his network had been too wordy and had failed to land…


This book was for footballers. The brand voice he needed was straight-talking. No-nonsense. Like a Sun headline. Short, sharp, punchy.


I suggested ‘Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game’.


Mark loved the title so much, we also used it for his brochure and as the strapline for the subsequent rebrand for Topform Global.


Over the last five years, we’ve raised the game for Mark’s company across his social media, signage, website and Mark still raves about how much he loves his brand. It has allowed him to build a distinctive, bold, premium look and feel. He stands out in his industry and has subsequently attracted the attention of several Premiership football clubs and players.


If you want to play in the Premier League…

"Phenomenal work and an absolute asset to my business - it has not looked back since. I was asked different questions, probing around my business, my objectives...It was a refreshing approach compared to what I've experienced before. It was just a brilliant, brilliant experience and I could not be happier with the outcome. Thank you again, team InnerVisions ID - I highly, highly recommend these guys."

Mark Bowden, Topform Global

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