Own a Chord

Own a Chord


What do you do when your business needs to pivot – and fast? Vicki Workman had been a guitar teacher at the Croydon G4 Guitar School since 2005 until the pandemic forced her to move it all online. Vicki realised the opportunity to reach a world beyond her ‘hood.


She needed to rebrand but was stuck for a name, so she booked a naming call with us and ‘Own A Chord’ was born.


“I’d been feeling pretty overwhelmed and de-motivated … stuck…my business name was holding me back. (Post naming) I felt like I could move forward…I got up this morning feeling excited and motivated for the first time in weeks.”


I booked in for the Brand Accelerator and we started the day by exploring Vicki’s Five Aspirational Brands (FABs), many of which were aligned with iconic youth culture – Levi’s, Dr. Marten’s, Converse.


In the Stand Out phase, we identified the clichés in her industry to avoid: guitars, plectrums and musical notes. We knew that Vicki’s students aspired to performing live, perhaps join a band. So we looked to iconic bands for inspiration instead, e.g. Metallica, ACDC, Guitar Hero, with colours taken from that world too: “Who Blue” and ‘Dre Red’. We used the plectrum shape in an unexpected way to add visual interest.


The result is a powerful and meaningful brand with impact that students and parents love. It looks great on ‘merch’ too, so Vicki is creating a new income stream!


Make sure your brand is in tune with your business…

I can't thank Sapna enough..She was totally professional, delivered above and beyond...and is also a lovely person. She even came up with a clever GUITAR acronym for my new methodology, something I'd been agonising over for months. We had a great time discussing our love of music and I really feel like she got inside my head and created a brand that finally showcases what my company and I are all about." 

Vicki Workman, founder of Own A Chord

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