Own a Chord

Own a Chord


Vicki Workman is a music teacher. When the pandemic took her business online, she realised the opportunity to reach a wider audience, but she’d been feeling “pretty overwhelmed and stuck” because she felt her business name – Croydon G4 Guitar School – was holding her back from doing so.

So she booked a Naming Call with us and ‘Own A Chord’ was born. With the new name, Vicky felt like she could “finally move forward (and) felt excited and motivated” again.


Next: she booked our One Day Brand Accelerator to create her brand that spoke to her target clients.


To do so, we dug deeper into the psyche of Vicki’s music students (and their parents) – they aspired to performing live, maybe even joining a band.


We avoided the usual music-school clichés that we saw all their competitors using (guitars, plectrums, musical notes…) and instead, looked at iconic band and even gaming logos for inspiration to appeal to both generations – from Metallica to Guitar Hero.


The plectrum shape – which still says ‘guitar’ – was taken out of cliché logo territory and used in a fresh way as a graphic backdrop to add visual interest.


We even chose colours from the music world: “Who Blue” and ‘Dre Red’!


The result is an impactful, meaningful and contemporary brand that both students and parents love.


Make sure your brand is in tune with your business…book a call with us.

I can't thank Sapna enough..She was totally professional, delivered above and beyond...and is also a lovely person. She even came up with a clever GUITAR acronym for my new methodology, something I'd been agonising over for months. We had a great time discussing our love of music and I really feel like she got inside my head and created a brand that finally showcases what my company and I are all about." 

Vicki Workman, founder of Own A Chord

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