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Prominence Global


Adam Houlahan’s company Web Traffic That Works was nicheing to help global entrepreneurs raise their profile and increase their impact via LinkedIn. Based in Australia, he’d been “scouring the globe” for a brand consultancy when, by chance, he met InnerVisions ID founder, Sapna Pieroux, in a London restaurant. Over tapas and wine, he decided that he’d finally found the perfect fit.


The first task was to rename the company. Adam booked a naming call and Prominence Global was born.


Strategy: In the Visualise stage, we discussed Adam’s Five Aspirational Brands (FABs), his Company and Client Vision. We then worked through Inner Brand, establishing Prominence Global’s Brand Values, Personality and Voice.


‘Making a difference’ was a massive value for Adam and became core to the brand development. Prominence Global impacts lives all over the world with charitable giving via their partnership with B1G1. The new strapline reflected this mission of business for good: Influence with Impact.


In Stand Out, as usual, we found the competitor landscape uninspiring. Rather, it was Adam’s FABs, especially the charities, who provided inspiration for the look and feel of the rebrand.


The new logo features curved typography to imply standing out in your industry, the ‘in’ highlighted in blue to communicate their LinkedIn focus.


B1G1 generously granted permission to use their stunning photography, which we paired with images of Prominence Global’s ideal clients, using their influence to make an impact.


Prominence Global launched on LinkedIn (of course) with this amazing great testimonial video.


Adam has since shared the phenomenal impact the rebrand has had on his company.

  • When we did the rebrand (18 months previously) we had a team of 6 people, we now have 17
  • We run a regular webinar about how best to utilise LinkedIn. Before the rebrand we used to have about 4,000 people attending –  now we have over 15,000 per year.
  • Last financial year we had over 100% growth in revenue


Give your brand more influence and impact…

"The VISION Process was one of the most powerful exercises ever undertaken. More than just a nice new’s what we have always stood for, just communicated and packaged in a much better way. A big shout out to Sapna Pieroux and her team...If you are considering a rebrand, no matter where in the world you’re based, connect with Sapna as a first step."

Adam Houlahan, Prominence Global

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