Renosash renovates original sash windows. Six years in, and wishing to expand, something was holding them back.


As Chris said: “Our branding had bugged me for years. It was, horrendous, terribly outdated and amateur. We’d grown as a company and the branding really came into focus as we were trying to make it look good on our new vehicle. It just didn’t work. Time for a change.”


His business coach, Robin Waite, directed Chris our way and he booked our Brand Accelerator Day.


Renosash’s average sale was £10-12,000, but the website looked cheap and amateur with iPhone snaps. Worse, they were losing local jobs to a better-looking national advertiser. Chris said, “I want to look better than them.” 


Strategy: We spent the morning discussing the brand aspirations, what Renosash really stood for – and the psyche of his affluent clients. “This was the winner for me. Sapna didn’t just want to create a great image. She wanted to capture and communicate the essence of Renosash and show the world our ‘why’.


Design: We chose a font as elegant as his clients’ Edwardian/Victorian homes, added a ‘swish’ to the R and made the ‘h’ a touch taller to reflect the proportions of these loftier properties.


“The detail! The psychological impact of little details you may normally take for granted is amazing. (Sapna) has a deep knowledge of the subtle workings of human perception… exceptional insight. You’ll never look at branding in quite the same way again!”


Brand Palette: Three shades of grey sampled from a photo of Chris’ new van ensured it would still be on-brand, then we added an ‘Old Gold’ to warm things up.


Imagery: New ‘lifestyle’ imagery showed Chris how to consider his clients‘ point of view. These beautiful interiors shots were looking out of the restored windows (not looking up from outside), as his clients would enjoy them.


Strapline:Superior Sash Window Renovations‘ better communicated their offering (previously, it was ‘Sash Window Specialists’ and they’d get calls for new window installations). It was also a gentle dig at his competition and let his affluent clients subtly brag about the ‘superior’ service they’ve booked!


Just one day and Chris finally felt his brand looked better than the competition. The rebrand is attracting clients including Cheltenham College and a national jewellery chain. Both approached Renosash after seeing the brand promise on the side of that van.


Does your business need renovating? 

"The transformation is brilliant. (The) first sight of our new Renosash brand was empowering. I felt my shoulders and chest lift with pride. It now clearly articulates our ‘why’ and core values, representing us and the quality of work we do...something to be proud of. Importantly, the branding is powerful for attracting our ideal customers but it's also a powerful tool for our company culture, showing our team the standard that we need to live up to. It sets the benchmark for our business."

Chris Smith, founder Renosash

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