Walpole Partnership

Walpole Partnership


A rebrand close to Sapna’s heart, her husband Andy Pieroux started Walpole Partnership and of course she created his original brand.


2013: From the start, Andy wanted his new company to seem established and to scale through collaboration, hence the name ‘Walpole Partnership’. A name with gravitas (and a park close to their home), Sir Robert Walpole is widely regarded as the first prime minister of Britain.


The compass imagery positioned Walpole as their clients’ guide through CPQ (Configuration, Pricing and Quotation) systems, the ‘W’ highlighted because of their name and west London location.


2021: Eight years on, Walpole Partnership was a global seven-figure business. The team felt they needed a more dynamic image, so we were tasked with rebranding a brand we’d created!


To ensure fresh energy, Andy delegated the task to his team, led by Stuart Wymant. The compass had been a source of some debate: some loved the symbolism, others felt it was outdated (“Nobody uses a compass anymore, they use apps!”).


So out went the traditional compass, and instead, we incorporated a ‘compass’ inspired by app icons into the Walpole ‘A’. A cleaner, bolder font plus a ‘dialled up’ colour palette added impact.


The new identity still pays respect to the original idea of Walpole being a guide, but makes it ready for the future. Extensive brand guidelines empowered the team to complete the roll-out across web, slide decks and case studies.


If your brand needs more direction…

"Sapna's VISION Process starts from the ground up and ensures that your brand reflects the company's mission and values. I really enjoyed the process and was impressed by how Sapna encouraged a collaborative approach that didn't just jump straight into the logo design. She really focused on what we wanted to achieve before we got close to changing colour or font. Sapna's extensive experience shines through and together we were able to create a new brand that I am very proud of. I highly recommend InnerVisions ID to any company which needs to take this next step for company growth."

Stuart Wymant, Customer Success Manager, Walpole Partnership

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