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StS-Alex-Seery-InnerVisions-ID-Branding-Consultancy“Sapna has been phenomenal to work with and her expertise in the branding and design field is incredible. She made my business, Shifts to Success, become more tangible, more real and really gave me the confidence to put my business out there…

I was so impressed with Sapna’s remarkable work that I just had to get her on board as the Brand Mentor for my company so that she can share her wealth of knowledge with ex and serving police officers from around the UK.

Working with InnerVisions ID will give you a huge return on investment for your business with peace of mind knowing that you are being taken care of by one of the UK’s best branding consultant and design coaches. My branding is a real asset for my business.

Outstanding experience and highly recommend.”

Alexander Seery – Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, founder of Shifts to Success.


The police officer’s role is harder than ever. Less funding, more pressures, stress, anxiety, dangerous work, relationship breakdowns, PTSD and mental health issues abound. Shockingly, 248 police officers have felt driven to take their own lives since 2014. 

An ex-custody-officer turned successful property developer, Alex came to InnerVisions ID with an idea to help other police officers change their own lives for the better through entrepreneurship.


It was a great idea and we knew we wanted to work with him, but it took 40 minutes to pluck up the courage to tell him we didn’t like his business name, Escape the Shifts. He was stunned: “Errr…why?”

The company name was far too negative, we explained. It talked about running away from the problem rather than the transformation he could bring to people’s lives.

“Now shoot us down if you don’t like this, but how about… Shifts to Success”?

A pin dropped somewhere, as Alex absorbed what had just been said.

Then: “Ahhhhh! I love it! Right! Where do I sign?!”

This name communicated not just about the transformation of moving from shift-work to business success, but also the many incremental shifts needed to get there.

We developed the strapline to further explain Alex’s ‘why’:

‘Break Out. Make the Change. Live your Life.’

Logo development

We started by looking at some of the brands Alex liked and discussed them. What were the similarities? The differences? What worked? What didn’t…?

The next stage looks at visual research and inspiration. We started by looking at companies communicating with police officers. There was a lot of badges, crests, heraldry, crowns…but we needed to be moving away from all that. So we then looked at images of lions (a symbol of bravery, freedom and leadership) and phoenixes (regeneration)…


Inspiration board

We also looked at typographic solutions that would look modern, stylish, sleek and aspirational.


Inspiration board 2

The final logo incorporated ‘shifting’ text and an ‘arrow’ pointing upwards to signify positive, dynamic movement and business growth.

The StS monogram in the centre can be used in isolation (e.g. for social media).

This deep navy blue is a colour familiar to police officers but importantly, it also says authority, stability, safety and trust – important emotions to tap into when people are making this huge decision to change their lives.


Below: logo with strapline, social media icon and business cards.


Alex’s brand guidelines included company ethos, correct logo usage and variations, type specifications, copy guidelines, a colour palette, a ‘step’ graphic motif (hinting at the six-step method Alex has created) and style and subject guidelines for the photography.

Next, an eight-page brochure…






…the book, social media forums, and a whole host of other branding collateral including the video below…

(Hit play to see more about Shifts to Success)

Sapna Pieroux is now proud to be the Brand Mentor on the Shifts to Success team. Find out more at
If you need to make some shifts to success in your own business, get in touch or book a free 30-minute Visibility call and let’s have a chat! 

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