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Andy – Chairman
Hi, I’m Andy, Chairman of InnerVisions ID. I help Sapna to set the strategy, goals and direction of the company to help bring her team’s amazing creative branding skills to an ever-wider audience.
I hold a degree in Strategic Systems Management (which is basically caffeinated Business Studies), and have spent my 30+ year business career in both the private and public sector.
In my career, I’ve worked in sales, marketing, and finance and IT, mainly for global multinationals (most notably Xerox Corporation) working with massive budgets, but since 2014, I’ve run my own successful IT consultancy startup, Walpole Partnership.
All this experience lets me bring different perspectives to the InnerVisions ID team, and as Chairman I help provide a long term vision for what the company can become.
I’ve seen first-hand the benefits that a great brand can bring to businesses of all sizes, growing confidence, coherence and ultimately revenues and I’m excited to be a part of InnerVisions ID’s growth, helping them steer and develop their future plans.
In the little time that’s left of my days and nights, I’m a doting father to two lovely kids and husband to the highly-talented lady who started this agency!

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