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Jade – Communications
Hi, I’m Jade! I’ve been working at InnerVisions ID since January 2018 as the Social Media and Communications Manager.
I love the challenge and learning more about brand with every Tweet! I love how the company is a blend of not just design but brand strategy and business.I help with content creation, scheduling posts, writing blogs and even awards entries – which I’m pleased to say we’ve won a few of!
I studied Social Anthropology at university, and started working for a charity organising volunteer overseas visit.
I went on to join the Home Office as a Civil Servant. I moved around there a bit and ended up working in the Government Equalities Office on policy to support women and girls and education and business.
It was this kind of communications work that really stood out for Sapna when she was looking for a new social media manager. InnerVisions ID’s commitment to equality and providing opportunities to support women and family-life really appealed to me too.
It was a change of career for me but, I’ve grown my knowledge whilst working with Sapna and am now about to start my own social media company with a friend.
I have three children and live in Ealing. In the little spare time I have, I love reading, cooking, my Peleton and slowly inserting colour and pattern into every inch of my home!

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