The VISION Process™


You might love your shiny new brand when it’s first launched…but how does branding affect your business over time?

At InnerVisions ID we know helping you get brand clarity and standing out will supercharge your business growth, but don’t just take our word for it.

In our new blog series, #BrandMatters, we talk to business owners about the impact investing their brand has had on their business.

First up, Adam Houlahan, founder of Prominence Global…

In building your brand, the first of our six-step VISION Process is Visualise, where you start with your big brand aspirations, then the company and customer vision. The second step is what we call the ‘Inner Brand’. Your Inner Brand is the non-visual part, the heart and soul of your brand, or how you make that emotional connection.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” But what about when *nobody* is in the room? Your brand is now more important than ever. It is out there, representing you when you can’t be in front of your clients. And brand values are a core part of that.

As an entrepreneur, you are probably lucky enough to be doing something you love! But how can you attract customers who will love your business, products or services (almost) as much as you do?

Understanding how to build your brand is vital to achieving this.

Our VISION Process (detailed in my best-selling and award-winning book, Let’s Get Visible!) helps you understand your brand and harness the power of branding to achieve your business aspirations and goals

You’re looking for a certain product or service. You go online. The design is dated, the photography is blurry, the website takes ages to load – and aaargh! Typos!

In just seconds, you’ve clicked away and that company has no idea that they’ve just lost a sale. 

Now consider your own brand and the first impression it’s giving your potential customers. Is it helping you win business – or lose it?

Antoinette Oglethorpe Old website before rebrand

Part 1 of our true story introduced Antoinette Oglethorpe and our Brand Assessment of her collateral. Having identified the issues, part 2 is about the evolution of her branding. We started with a new logo and colour palette.

Usually, we design a logo in black and white first (to make sure it will work for one-colour print-jobs, merchandise and photocopies), then consider colour, but Antoinette had an imminent book launch so her palette was prioritised as it impacted on that.

Once upon a time I met a lovely lady at a networking event who, upon introduction, rather flatteringly said she’d seen my design work and wanted someone to be able to that for her. Her current designer wasn’t ‘getting it’ (she’d even sent them pictures from this site!). I laughed, “Why didn’t you ask me?” and gave her my card.

A month later she called. Could we meet up? Over lunch, Antoinette and I bonded over our love of the northeast (where she is based and I studied) and I found out more…