Brand Development

You’re looking for a certain product or service. You go online. The design is dated, the photography is blurry, the website takes ages to load – and aaargh! Typos!

In just seconds, you’ve clicked away and that company has no idea that they’ve just lost a sale. 

Now consider your own brand and the first impression it’s giving your potential customers. Is it helping you win business – or lose it?

We are lucky to work with really lovely clients and pride ourselves on building great working relationships. In a week where love hearts were everywhere, there were loads of articles about how to love your clients, but very few about how to be loved as a client!

Why is that important? Well, here’s the thing: when your agency or other supplier adores you, they’ll always pick up the phone to you, go that extra mile when you need them to and they can be a real asset to growing your business.

We counted seven things our most-loved clients do…

At InnerVisions ID we love to make our clients look great and help them to communicate clearly. But when we receive client copy it often needs a fair bit of rewriting to make it work.

Here are the top five problems we encounter from clients’ copy. Use this guide when writing your next bit of marketing blurb and it’ll clarify your thoughts and save you time.

1. Too much copy. This always happens, because every business owner knows every little thing about their company – they built it from scratch, out of something they love and are now experts in. But do your time-poor clients want to know all that you know? Probably not.

A debate has been raging on our local community page: someone asked if you should put one space or two after a full-stop.

Who knew a small space would create so much heated discussion?

There were people literally stamping their feet (or more likely, their keyboard keys) insisting that they were taught two spaces in their typing school (and therein lies the clue).


Remember that Marie Kondo book? The one about the ‘life-changing’ magic of tidying up? Her big message is to surround yourself with only things that ‘spark joy’.

I’ve always thought I was pretty good at decluttering, but this somewhat…eccentric*…lady takes it to the next level. (*I’m not talking to my handbag!)

It was an odd concept at first…how could mundane items such as my socks ‘spark joy’? Then I looked down, saw the old-and-thinning-but-not-yet-holey socks on my feet and I got it. I pulled them off, threw them into the ‘textiles recycling’ bag and slid on a new, fluffy pair. Joy!

Antoinette Oglethorpe Old website before rebrand

Part 1 of our true story introduced Antoinette Oglethorpe and our Brand Assessment of her collateral. Having identified the issues, part 2 is about the evolution of her branding. We started with a new logo and colour palette.

Usually, we design a logo in black and white first (to make sure it will work for one-colour print-jobs, merchandise and photocopies), then consider colour, but Antoinette had an imminent book launch so her palette was prioritised as it impacted on that.